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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wintertime Cocktails for Summer-like weather

Clearly inspired by this week’s 70 degree weather, a word on Campari cocktails (because Campari goes best with a little sunshine). A first time Campari drinker is likely to pucker up and spit it right back out, unless they have a taste for the bitter or are Italian. So mixing it might be the better gateway to this Italian favorite. Here are a few Campari-based cocktails:

The Americano
Equal parts sweet vermouth and Campari topped with soda water. Adjust the Campari for non-Italians and first-timers. Traditionally served on the rocks but you can serve it up too.

The Negroni
Almost every question I’ve been asked about this classic cocktail is in reference to the name. It’s named after a member of the Negroni family and is not a racial slur. The Negroni is based off the Americano with Campari and sweet vermouth, but add Gin and nix the soda. Served up or on the rocks with a twist.

Blood Orange Martini
Long before Whole Foods carried blood orange juice or vodka and blood orange juice cocktails were the rage, people made Blood Orange Martini’s the old fashioned way… without blood orange juice. Gin and OJ with a splash of Campari, served up with a Campari stained orange slice (just pour a splash of Campari on the orange slice). Delicious.


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