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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sortilege: When Aunt Jemina Just Isn't Doing the Trick

I'm always charmed by stories of the Quebecqois. My favorite was recounted by a friend and involves an unkempt, flannel-shirt wearing, scruffy-bearded Canadian truck driver standing in front of a urinal after a long drive shouting out a list of curses, presumably derived from Catholic terminology:




(You have to imagine these shouted in character for the full effect.)

I hope he passed the stone. If not he has quite a few interesting Canadian libations to console him: Canadian Whiskey, Ice Wine, and Sortilege. Sortilege is among my new favorites, although you'll be more likely to spike your pancakes with it than pull up to the very same truck stop and order a Sortilege neat.

Sortilege is a mixture of blended rye whiskey and maple syrup. The only producer I know is Maison des Futailles. Sadly, I haven't been able to find it in the area.

Meanwhile, try mixing Canadian whiskey and maple syrup for your own version. Stir well.


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